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Mary Hamann-Roland for Dakota County Commissioner

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A message from Mary:                                                                                 

In my 21 years as the mayor of Apple Valley, we have collaborated to build strong partnerships with individuals, communities, businesses, chambers, schools, and civic groups. Vice-chairing the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB), vice-chairing the Dakota Broadband Board (DBB), and co-chairing the High Performance Partnership for Dakota County have created a greater pathway for my leadership and service. I am honored to seek the position of Dakota County Commissioner, District 7 – representing all of Apple Valley and Rosemount precincts 3 and 5. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been supporting our community through partnerships with the Chamber, businesses, neighborhoods, restaurants, congregate care facilities and more. We have maintained best practices for the economic health, wellbeing, and safety of our community. We have worked with our youth athletic associations to assure the athlete’s health, safety and enjoyment. 

Working with our residents, businesses, faith communities and community police department, we have created community conversations as part of our commitment to improving equity and relationships within our whole community. 

 My devoted leadership to our parks, trails, and green space is essential to supporting the well-being of our children and families. 

It is an honor to be a recipient of the Mark McAfee Friend of Workforce Development Award, championing workforce issues at local, state and federal levels. I understand how critical skill training for our future workforce creates an exceptional business climate for retention and expansion of our economy. 

Achieving and maintaining two triple AAA, bond ratings for the city of Apple Valley helps our tax payers to get more for their investment. No assessments for our road reconstruction allows us to invest in what we value in our vital infrastructure. 

The recognition of the League of Minnesota Cities, CC Ludwig award in 2018 was a lifetime achievement. Being recognized as a leader and statesman of the 853 cities in Minnesota was truly a humbling experience. This recognition inspired me to continue to be a voice of good governance, to lead with excellence and be an ambassador of our wonderful communities. 

A leader’s words are important. But, a leader’s actions and achievements will show their true focus. 

I am a bridge-builder. Collaborating with our community to create the pathway for a world-class Dakota County is my focus.

Prepared and Paid for : Mary Dakota County Commissioner, Co-Chairs Russ DeFauw, Judy Sagan, Bill Tschohl, and Hue Nguyen. 1069 Baldwin Circle, Apple Valley, MN, 55124