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About Mary

A Proven Leader with Proven Results

Mary is an effective and collaborative leader with a vision to promote Dakota as a world-class county. 

Her goal in life is to make a difference. 

We thank you for your vote. 

Mary Hamann-Roland for Dakota County Commissioner!

“She has abundant energy and works every day to make our city a better place. She gets the value of partnerships at all levels. She knows if you leverage your resources, you can do a lot for your community. “ – Apple Valley City Administrator, Tom Lawell

A Lifelong Civil Servant

Mary Hamann-Roland is the current mayor of the city of Apple Valley. Mary was elected to her first four-year term in 1998 and has lovingly served the city as its mayor for the last 21 years. Before running for the mayoral seat, she served six years on the ISD 196 school board. 

She is the daughter of a World War ll veteran who earned three Bronze Stars for his heroic actions in combat. As a widowed mother of four children and a registered nurse, she is resilient and knows how to overcome life’s challenges. Her late husband was a Vietnam veteran, and she is a member of the American Legion Post 1776 Auxiliary. 

Mary’s leadership, vision, tenacity, and perseverance have led her to serve as the president of the League of Minnesota Cities and the president of the Minnesota Mayors’ Association during one of the most challenging economic times since the Great Depression. As the president of both organizations, she led Minnesota cities through and out of those devastating times, creating a stable, resilient foundation.

Mary is involved in numerous national and state municipal organizations, regional policy organizations, school-related committees, and other civic groups. Throughout her career she has been committed to fostering partnerships among individuals, communities, and organizations. Her founding role in the creation of the nationally-renowned School of Environmental Studies is just one shining example of her successful collaboration. 

She has been instrumental in creating a community for a lifetime, promoting the importance of being a vital-aging community that serves all generations. As someone who believes in laying strong foundations for a bright future, she is actively engaged in building international partnerships for business development within the city and greater community. She truly believes that we all do better when we all do better. In 2018, she was awarded the C.C. Ludwig Award, the League of Minnesota Cities’ highest honor for elected city officials, for vision, statesmanship, and unwavering commitment to the public good

As someone who believes in the community-building power of the arts, Mary is the founder and vice-president of the Apple Valley Arts Foundation. She was also instrumental in bringing MacPhail Center for Music to Apple Valley. 

She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and has or currently represents the city on various regional policy organizations. She serves on numerous environmental, business, entrepreneurship, and educational boards and commissions and serves on the American City & County magazine editorial advisory board.

Organizations and Committees

  • Apple Valley Economic Development Authority
  • Apple Valley Arts Foundation
  • Apple Valley Fire Relief Association Board
  • National League of Cities Board of Directors
  • NLC Board Investment and Finance Committee (where she helped develop a strategic alignment of governance and policy, which created a strong, stable, and predictable financial state for the organization).
  • NLC Audit Committee, Advisory Board, and the Transportation & Infrastructure Services Advocacy Committee.
  • Concurrent terms as president on the Board of Directors for the League of Minnesota Cities and president of the Minnesota Mayors Association. 
  • National League of Cities Information Technology and Communications Policy Committee
  • Vice-chair of the National League of Cities Energy Environment and Natural Resources Steering Committee
  • National League of Cities Futures Panel on Community and Regional Development
  • National Wildland Fire Leadership Council
  • League of Minnesota Cities Improving Service Delivery Policy Committee
  • Municipal Legislative Commission Board
  • Chair of the Minnesota Association of Metropolitan Municipalities General Government and Transportation Committee.
  • Metro Cities Association of Metropolitan Municipalities Board of Directors
  • Vice-chair of the Metropolitan Council Transportation Advisory Board (TAB)
  • Chair of the TAB Bylaws Task Force
  • Chair of the Metropolitan Council Livable Communities Advisory Committee